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Recreate in the picturesque VÁR-CAMPING!

Bring your family or friends as well!

Relax for the most favorable prices - right next to Sirok Castle! Fill in our form for making a reservation or an appointment.





3332  Sirok, Dobó street 30.


+36 70/385-0099

Reception - during opening hours:

+36 70/685-5090

Manager at any time:

+36 30/606-5565

Tel/fax - during business hours:

+36 36/361-558


+36 70/505-9283

+36 57/407-794

+36 30/606-5565

Our NTAK registration number: KE20017424



Sirok passenger car in a variety of ways. The town lies on the main road 24, from Budapest about 117-120 km (depending on route), Eger is 20 km away.


From Budapest to get started on the M3 motorway and then Gyöngyös (any hatchway) can be the first to turn off the highway.

By the Gyöngyös-Hort hatchway should go straight into the city, and can be taken toward to the Matra (towards Matrafured). From now available in 24-inch path through the Matra serpentine and then through Parád, Recsk to cry.

The other option, by the Gyöngyös-Adács turn off the motorway exit, and then Gyöngyös just start to be affected Abasár, Kápolna, Kerecsend on the old 3 route. After less than 2 km left to be done on the road towards Abasár. This road is studded with small bend, as the Matra through a beautiful undulating and hilly countryside lead. Turn left Tarnaszentmária, it cries to Verpelet before, and some of the villagers after the road 24, which is more immediately there will be crying.

The M3 motorway at the Kápolna hatchway can also be made in this case should be taken toward Tófalu, then turn right Tarnaszentmária, they cry to after Verpelet; The remainder of the path is the same as the former.

Eger is also a 24 main road Siroki be approached.

The town center, turn Pétervásra, Bükkszék toward option 2 and then right into Dobo Street. The Target is a straight street, steep street, the street can be seen from the bottom of the castle. The VÁR-CAMPING above Target at the end of the street, right.


Sirok is easily accessible by public transport from Budapest, Eger and Gyöngyös too. The train was a few years ago did not go to Sirok, so the only possible way to the bus. Budapest (National Stadium) is available direct bus twice a day to Sirok (departure: 7:45 and 17:15, the road is 2.5 hours long), transfer to (or directly) from Eger and Gyöngyös or several times a day; these settlements are an hour to the tombs of the buses. The bus station in the center of Sirok is 1 km away from the VÁR-CAMPING. To get started in the center of the Petofi street, then right at the second street on Dobo street. This final leg of the route is a little steep, but it is better then the rest! 


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