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Recreate in the picturesque VÁR-CAMPING!

Bring your family or friends as well!

Relax for the most favorable prices - right next to Sirok Castle! Fill in our form for making a reservation or an appointment.



If you immediately want to book accommodation for now, you can fill out this form:

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If you just want to inquire about a free pre-date, prices or anything else, you can write to:

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Our staff will get back to you within 24 hours. Reservations are only effective if we verify them. If you don’t receive our acknowledgement within 24 hours, call us.


Reservations can be made by phone (+36703850099) and by e-mail (

In case of reservation we ask for a deposit. Individual guests' advance is HUF 5,000, group advance payment is HUF 20,000.

Cancellation policy:

Accommodation (+ possible meals, other services)

For cancellations within 8 days we charge a penalty of 50%, so if cancellation is made within 8 days prior to arrival, half of the full service charge is payable.

In case of a pre-arrival or early check-in, the penalty is 100%, so the full service charge is payable.
The cancellation policy applies to individual guests and groups.

Upon the advance payment, our cancellation policy is deemed to be accepted by all our guests.

Further information:,
Tel: +, +36.70.685.5090
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