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Recreate in the picturesque VÁR-CAMPING!

Bring your family or friends as well!

Relax for the most favorable prices - right next to Sirok Castle! Fill in our form for making a reservation or an appointment.

Class Trips 2021



For groups of minimum 20 persons

class excursion "base" offer for 2021 is as follows:


Group accommodation:

- accommodation in wooden houses 2900 HUF / person / night

- for any meal or minimum 2 nights accommodation, the accommodation price is 2700 HUF / person / night,


Group dining options: (up to 14 years of age)

- breakfast 690 HUF / person,

- lunch 1190 HUF / person,

- dinner 990 HUF / person.

Group dining options (Recommended dose over 14 years of age)

- breakfast 990 HUF/person

- lunch 1690 HUF/person

- dinner 1390 HUF/person

Optional programs:

- Treasure hunt 500 HUF / person,

- guided castle-tour with guided tour in 18 years: 800 HUF / person, over 18 years: 1600 HUF / person.


Plus tax is to be paid for the tourist tax (for adults), which is 350 Ft / person / night.


The accommodation is provided in 2-3-4-5-6 bedded chalets. For the teacher (s) and the driver, we can provide a separate wooden house.

For meals we send a menu offer. Breakfast is served on the covered terrace of the campsite, lunches can be taken up to 400 m in the Terminus food bar or on the terrace of the campsite.


Participation of a major teacher is provided free of charge.


Reservation is possible with an advance payment of HUF 20,000, which is credited from the final account.



Molnár Beatrix, +36 70 / 385-0099,

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